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The Law Academy Ltd specialises in CILEx training. This means our Directors and tutors are fully dedicated to you and your CILEx courses.

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Our tutors are qualified, experienced lawyers who will be teaching modules that mirror their chosen specialised areas of law.

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We are one of the largest private class based providers in the country and pride ourselves on the support we give our students.

Grievance and Complaints Procedure 

In the event of one of our members, (consultant tutor or student) having an issue with their experience at the Law Academy Ltd, we will strive to treat the matter with speed and sincerity. All issues will be taken very seriously. 

This document is in relation to the procedures of The Law Academy Ltd. Any grievance regarding exam results, dates and deadlines or other processes in the control of CILEx (the awarding body) must be directed to The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives in accordance with their own grievance procedure. 

Whenever possible, we will attempt to resolve an issue in a calm and amicable manner by informal means.  If they feel able to do so, we would encourage individuals to try to resolve the problem themselves at this stage.  If this method proves insufficient, or if either party wish to take a more formal route, then the following 3 step process would be followed: 

1.        Put it in Writing 

The person bringing the complaint must put the grievance in writing and address it to any of the Directors, outlining any specific details or aspects of the complaint. 

The Director will acknowledge receipt of the letter or email as soon as is reasonably practicable. 

If the complainant specifically implicates an individual or individuals, then that person(s) will be informed of the nature of the complaint against them in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable. 

2.         Meet and Discuss                       

Both parties will be invited to a meeting in as short a time period as possible in the circumstances.  We will aim for 14 days from receipt of the complaint unless this is deemed to be insufficient to gather evidence or statements relating to the complaint, in which instance, a revised timescale will be agreed with parties involved. 

Wherever possible, the meeting will be held with a minimum of 2 professionals of The Law Academy Ltd, at least one of whom will be a Director, and neither of whom will be implicated in the complaint. 

Should the complainant, or those implicated in the complaint, wish to be accompanied by a friend or other representative, this will be permitted. 

3.            Decision 

All parties will be informed of the Director’s decision by follow up meeting or in writing within 14 days of the meeting and any action agreed will be undertaken speedily.                         

4.            Appeal 

The wish to appeal must be put in writing to a Director of the Law Academy within 14 days of the original decision being discussed / delivered. 

A second meeting will be arranged to discuss the appeal with an independent person also present who was not in attendance at the initial meeting. 

The final decision will be given in writing.  If necessary, a representative of the complainant’s employer and / or a representative of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives / CILEx Regulation (or other relevant awarding body) will be called upon to advise in relation to the final decision. 

5.            External complaints procedure 

Any complaint against the Law Academy should be directed to The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives as our accrediting body: 

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

Kempston Manor



Mk42 7AB

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This procedure will be reviewed and updated annually unless a change in legislation requires earlier assessment.





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