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CILEx Specialists

The Law Academy Ltd specialises in CILEx training. This means our Directors and tutors are fully dedicated to you and your CILEx courses.

Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are qualified, experienced lawyers who will be teaching modules that mirror their chosen specialised areas of law.

Market Leaders

We are one of the largest private class based providers in the country and pride ourselves on the support we give our students.

Level 6 CILEx Courses

Level 6 Courses are the continuation from Level 3 when working towards your full Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer qualifications. These are set at Honours Degree Level. 

There is a wide range of Law subjects to choose to specialise in. You need to choose 3 Law subjects as part of your overall Level 6 studies. The Law Academy typically offer at least 9 of these subjects to choose from. We are also keen to hear from you if you are interested in the less popular subjects and will always endeavour to meet your needs. 

Together with your 3 chosen Law subjects you will need to choose a linked practice subject to one of your Law subjects for instance - Tort or Contract links with Civil Litigation; Family Law links with Practice of Family Law. We can give you more advice on your choice of subjects on your appointment or while you are studying your Level 3 subjects with us. 

We offer our level 6 subjects as intensive one term units. This is very popular with students as it will enable you to study 2 subjects per academic year back to back giving you the benefit of concentrating on one subject at a time. 

All Level 6 exams are written and 3 hours in duration with an additional 15 minutes reading time. Currently all exams are taken remotely online.

Level 6 students also undertake the Professional Skills units of Legal Research and Client Care Skills. These are course based units with no final exam. Students are guided through the various tasks set by CILEx for completion of these units. We run tuition sessions for these units at weekends at various points of the year. 

The 4 exam based units together with the 2 professional skills coursework units leads to the overall qualification of CILEx Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice. 

You may also wish to take a Level 6 subject as a single subject to gain recognition in a specialised area if you are not studying towards your Chartered Legal Executive qualifications. You are very welcome to do this and we are happy for you to get in touch to discuss your options. 

If you are interested in joining us for your Level 6 studies or for single Level 6 Certificate subjects, please get in touch by registering your interest HERE


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