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CILEx Specialists

The Law Academy Ltd specialises in CILEx training. This means our Directors and tutors are fully dedicated to you and your CILEx courses.

Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are qualified, experienced lawyers who will be teaching modules that mirror their chosen specialised areas of law.

Market Leaders

We are one of the largest private class based providers in the country and pride ourselves on the support we give our students.

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CILEx Level 3 Qualifications

Level 3 courses are set to the equivalent standard of A level.

Certificate in Law and Practice

The usual timescale for the Certificate is 1 year.

Professional Diploma in Law and Practice

The usual timescale for the Diploma is 1 year following completion of the Certificate.

Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice

Level 6 courses are set to the equivalent standard of Honours Degree level.

This is the stage following level 3 and covers 3 law subjects and 1 linked practice subject at level 6 together with the 2 professional skills coursework units. The usual timescale for level 6 is 2 years although the route is designed to be flexible to suit you.

Level 6 Professional Skills units

These are 2 coursework based units in Client Care Skills and Legal Research. We run these courses on various weekends throughout the year.

Graduate Fast Track Course

Law graduates can benefit from a fast track course leading to CILEx membership after 1 year. This entails taking 2 Level 6 practice courses together with the Client Care Skills Professional Skills course. 

CILEx Level 6 Certificate in Law, Single subjects

For those not wishing to become Chartered Legal Executives but who would benefit from a degree level qualification in a specialised subject can use the single subject option.

These may also be useful if you are considering a change in direction for your career at this time. It is also possible to study individual units at level 3 as an introduction to a new area.

Private Tuition

We have a large bank of very experienced tutors across a vast selection of areas of Law and Practice. If you would benefit from extra tuition either as a small group or on a one to one basis for any law or practice courses, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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